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Physiotherapy Specialist

Prohealth Physical Medicine

Chiropractors & Physical Medicine located in Studio City, CA

Physiotherapy is a whole-person approach to injury rehabilitation that involves movement and exercise, manual therapy (including chiropractic care and massage), education and advice. Physiotherapy promotes active recovery, allowing patients to invest in their health by participating in their recovery process. At ProHealth Physical Medicine in Studio City, California, each practitioner strives to provide world-class physiotherapy rehabilitation services to patients from communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Physiotherapy Q & A

What is injury rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy is an excellent way to promote active physical recovery from injury, illness, surgery, or some other limiting disability. It’s a logical first step after identifying and correcting the cause of any pain or injury because it’s designed to help patients restore functionality and mobility without having to rely on medications or resort to surgery. While rehabilitation aims to help, most patients completely recover so they can return to their normal activities, in some cases it may simply help patients remain independent while successfully adjusting to a new physical reality.

Our team of clinicians at ProHealth Physical Medicine use state-of-the-art technologies, massage, chiropractic care, and other natural therapies to help recovering patients reach their potential as quickly as possible.


Why is movement so important?  

Early action is critical to injury recovery because it helps decrease inflammation, which is your body’s natural response to injury. Even though inflammation is initially helpful in the healing process, long-lasting inflammation interferes with your muscles’ firing patterns and leads to instability.

Movement increases blood flow to the injured area, which reduces inflammation to help restore a wider range of motion. As muscles resume a full range of motion, they’re better able to regain strength and return to normal function. Early, precise movement centered on customized exercises and stretches is what makes physiotherapy such an effective approach to promoting recovery and limiting long-term damage.


What does rehabilitation entail?

Before rehabilitation can get underway, you’ll have a consultation and comprehensive physical exam with a ProHealth Physical Medicine provider so he or she can understand your health history and gather information about your condition. This preliminary step may also include evaluating your nervous system and assessing your pain, depending on the nature of your injury.

Once your provider reaches a diagnosis, he or she will develop a customized physiotherapy program to meet your needs. An efficient physical rehabilitation program has four major components:

  • Manual therapy: Therapeutic massage can help correct problems with connective tissue, which in turn helps stimulate blood flow and encourage healing
  • Nutrition counseling: When relevant, nutrition counseling can help you manage your diet and lose excess weight, which can make rehabilitation and recovery easier